Why Rentcoupe Software?

Drole’s car rental software assists you to handle on-demand car booking services. Develop your car rental business with this vibrant software available for Web, Android and IOS. Drole’s software supports you to manage all the operations through an integrated system and helps you to manage Driver’s App and Customer’s App.

How Rentcoupe Works?

Put together the convenience of booking a cab is on demand, and privacy of driving on your own by the customer and you have a service that redefines transportation. Order your own car rental management software app with us today and get a white-labelled and ready-to-use car rental software that you have complete control. Let your customers enjoy their freedom while you enjoy the profits.

Our car rental booking software allows easy reservation

Choose From A Range Of Vehicle Types


Pay By The Hour


24/7 Support


Reimbursement Of Extra Fuel Expenditure


Doorstep Delivery/Parking Station Pickup


Cut Down On Waiting Time

Problem we solve

Car rental firms meet difficulties when handling their fleets. Manual procedures frequently find such companies struggling with prices, organizational confusion and displeased customers. For car rental companies, fleet management does not end with ensuring that their vehicles are running effortlessly and have plenty of fuel. Fleet Management Software benefits businesses to administer their inventories to about errors about vehicle availability. Fleet Management Software lets companies monitor both incoming and outgoing divisions. Apart from this, the admin can also see if a vehicle is in use even if it is not booked.

Rent Coupe helps in understanding the challenges, rundown, and pain area of car rental. You can also use Rent Coupe to check condition issues such as dents in the body or a broken backlight that you see when a customer gives back that car. Rent Coupe makes it easier to keep track of your complete car renting.

Features Of Rentcoupe Software

Accept/Decline option for the driver

Where drivers can accept/reject trips based on their current booking scenario and the future ride which has to be addressed.

Shift time selection

User-friendly portal design allows the drivers to manage and select their shift timing. Helps drivers to decide to do full time or part-time shifts.

Call the customer

A lot of comprehensible features and integrations and highlights help the driver to locate the customer and give a call to the customer to reduce the waiting time.

Messenger notifications

Help simplify internal communication and increase productivity between your dispatchers and drivers. Clear, written messages using cellular data instead of text messages or SMS ensures that the drivers get their driving orders and directions safely and economically.

Driver’s revenue tracking

It supports an easy-to-use and rich feature to manage and monitor the complete daily, weekly, and monthly earnings of the driver. Driver’s lives get easier giving them technical tools so they can earn more for you.

Online/offline status

Totally modernized processes give advantage to the drivers to switch their availability status whether the driver is online or offline. Helping the driver for swift dispatch by prompt availability status and easy connectivity.

E-Wallet payment option

A trendy and controlling E-Wallet system for the users to pre-load the wallet with money serving the payment done automatically from it which helps to reduce from entering the card details every time.

Referral benefits

Few extensive benefits like referral discounts for the existing customers to get a good concession on their next ride. It lets the customer enjoy their benefits.

Multilingual Feature

The feature aids operation in multiple languages and supports the users to manage their entire fleet of cars competently. It lets the user choose their language to ease their booking.

Split payment modes

Incorporated with payment gateway software for safe payment transactions. Admin commission and host commission were splitted and directed to their account immediately without holding of the payment.

Easy booking

Car rental booking software with easy to use features and utilities that make a car booking stress-free. High-quality workflow course that helps to decrease failed duties and offer a superior service experience to the customers.

Car exchange

Users can exchange their car based on the number of passengers and pay according to the type of car exchanged. It gives the user a game-changing advantage.

Become a host

The simple host interface allows the user to become a host, a trustable platform where they can list their cars and make a handful of revenue for each booking.


Affiliate program for customers to relish the best commissions and affiliate implements available in the industry. Make money when you sleep! Get benefitted from every single booking done through your affiliate program which you have subscribed to.


Car rental software features include car inventory, car history reports, customer records, payment handling, GPS tracking, and bookkeeping. Customers can suggest any additional feature which they feel necessary as an add-in.

Round trip benefits

Offers customers the freedom to select from a huge fleet of outstation cabs which consist of abundant car-models with round trip benefits and get the cheapest rides for your vacation holidays.

Host commission

Adaptable commissions for the host based on the type of car they have listed and location. It lets the host rent out the car and you can scale your earnings from the host revenue report and analytics.

Multiple listing

Escalate the revenue of the host by permitting them to list multiple numbers of cars and manage its listing by types of cars and keep the calendars perfectly synchronized.

Become a user

This feature allows the host to become a user at any given point and act as a customer to rent a car and ride wherein a user-friendly dashboard for the host is available.

Earning report

The feature also deals with real-time reporting aspect where the host can track the business undertakings. It gives digital reports on every single vehicle and ensures every detail is documented.

Live tracking

A distinctive feature that can help a car rental owner to manage their fleet at ease and save time. It deals with real-time access and map incorporation facility that helps in tracking the car.

Multilingual feature

Most reasonably priced multi-language support for admins to administer the daily operations of the car rental commercial. Helps the admin to manage the car renting, leasing and fleet management requirements.

Various reports

It gives the privilege to the admin to have various reports like reservation associates reports, generating reports for duty register, bill detail report, city-wise report, dispatch associates report, revenue reports, and driver reports.

Live tracking

Admin can track the vehicle’s live location and manage the fleet. Also can track the driver’s behavior to make sure they are following all safety measures and driving guidelines.

Multi-branch management

Accomplish the multi-location car rental business and supports the admin to add multiple branches. Multi-branch management feature supports to manage all the branches from a single location and helps in enlightening the business to the whole new level.

Multiple currencies

Customers can hire cars and pay their bills across multiple geographies with instinctive support for multiple currencies and languages. Make it easy to use for both admin and customers.

Affiliate management

It aids customers to lift up their business with a modern affiliate program where they can add multiple rental agencies or individuals with effective management. Kick start the new venture and live the vision of your life.


Dashboards for complete fleet management and real-time car availability for the admin. Allows admin to get all the details at a glance like availability of cars in real-time, pricing and manage the inventories about car availability.

Solutions We Offer

Drive More Turnover with the Accurate Car Rental Software

Whitelabel Solution

Grow your business revenue within a short time with our white label solution. Set the flawless brand name and logo as per your requirements.

Turnkey Solution

Want to just commence and run your business and not worry about the system? Drole’s car rental solution does exactly that. Capture the largest market share and be the leader.

Cost Effective

Economical and high quality. Integrated cost-effective management system for car rental software. Track of business and look for means to lessen costs.

Multi-currency and Multilingual

Manage car booking with multilingual customer service support. Limitless, instantaneous use of any number of currencies. For easy communications and excellent customer experience.

Both web & mobile (Responsive)

Responsive site booking car from desktop, mobile or tab. Easy-to-use software for all kinds of devices with your entire requirement for everyday car rental.

E-Wallets and Security

Easy and efficient software for E-Wallet payments. Safe, secure, fast online commercial transactions with our fully safeguarded digital wallet for Android, iPhone, Wearables and other connected platforms.

Advanced Dashboard

Your business at a glimpse on your dashboard as a ‘Real Time’ attitude. Dashboard has a quick look at the car rental status, notifications, and sales, etc.

All-in-One Software

Enrich productivity and profitability for all forms of car rental businesses. Packed with the user-friendly system and rich features the software is low-cost and most effective.

Paperless Transactions

Our car rental software makes way for protected paperless transactions. Ease the booking process, billing and invoicing, evidence of vehicle documents and other rental agreements and feedbacks.

FAQ - Car Rental Business Software

Drole is a complete package that brings a categorical solution to mechanize taxi operations. The application embraces web booking, passenger app, driver app and dispatch software enabling easy booking, managing and implementing of the taxi hiring and dispatch procedure from a single system. Drole saves time and investment over manpower with 99% automatic software for your smooth business.
Drole requires least assistance to function on. It is a ready to use software apt for all kinds of transportation business. Keeping the system user friendly and affordable is one of our prime aims.
Visit our website, fill in your requirements, and schedule an appointment. You will be supported by our representatives giving you the complete details regarding the plan and payments. Once you are select the plan and do the pay, you will be sent the login details to sign in to the application and all technical support to confirm a smooth taxi hiring process.
Built on the size of the company, it takes a maximum of 3 days to system the application and start the business after the signing of the contract and the payments. It may possibly need additional time for big taxi businesses as the application requires to be set up in all the vehicles. A well trained team is all set to meet your requirements proficiently without any interruptions.
Users can pay by cash or net banking or cheque. After completion of trip, users will receive final fare details which can be paid then.
After filling your contact information and sending a request for a demo of our Car Rental Software, our sales team at Drole will contact you to give you a demonstration.
We can modify a car rental agreement plan that meets your business needs. Send us a sample of your agreement, and we will construct it for you.
Your subscription charge is contingent on the size of your business and the use of our Web-based Car Rental Software. Send us an email at info@droletechnologies.com to get an estimate for your business!
Yes, Drole’s Car Renting Solution makes cost-effective logic bearing in mind the features which have been offered in it. No additional charges to be paid for license or servers.
Feel free to contact us for any explanation over any mode of communication or drop at www.droletechnologies.com/car-rental-software We are happy to assist you.

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